Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming along nicely---

As of today I feel amazing. Well maybe as of this week I feel amazing. The PCP workout is more of a morning routine now and if I miss my routine, I can feel it both emotionally or physically. Sure its not great waking up at 5:00am everyday leaving behind the gorgeous blonde that is still fast asleep but as soon as I start jump-roping or running I instantly feel better. I really notice a difference in my muscle tone now and I can see improvements almost daily. Having this visual motivation is encouraging and I cant wait to see what I look like in 40+ days. My only concern I had was the fluxuation of my weight over the past two months. I seem to be hanging around the 175-180 range and havnet really budged since than. However I talk to P-Dogg (Patrick....he calls me C-Note so I felt obliged to give him a name) and he assured me that things were fine and I shouldnt be concerned. I hope everyone is doing as well as I am and I look foward to celebrating with you all when we are finished. Cheers.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

rules to live by

I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Not in the work out or how my body has reacted to the extreme work out that we are all participating in. What I am upset with is my food budget and how it is a lot higher than what I thought it was going to be. Before I began this journey I thought that since I was cutting out all the junk food and focusing in on simple veggies and fruit that my budget was going to be well below what I had currently been spending. However after 30+ days of buying a ton of fruit and vegetables I have spent fifty dollars more each week than I was before going on the PCP. Why is that? Well the answer is what is known as the “western diet” and how the American food system is designed to provide cheap and easy food that will give you nothing but diabetes and heart disease later on in life.
Over the past year or so, the American agricultural system has become sort of a passion of mine. In fact I have switched my current degree in education so that I can pursue this passion even further. I became interested in what I was eating and how it got onto my dinner plate and after months and months of reading and studying the American food system, I set out with a list of rules to eat by…

1. Stay away from corn. Corn has found its way into almost everything American’s eat. Without going into an extensive scientific lesson into how and why that has happened, I will say that Corn is bad and it must be avoided at all costs. This includes high fructose corn syrup, confectioner's sugar, dextrin, malt dextrin, invert sugar or invert syrup, xanthan gum starch, food starch and modified corn starch. These are all major no-no’s.
2. Buy local. Purchasing foods from a farmers market or the local section at a grocery store is a great way to support your community and promote a sustainable food system.
3. Eat actual foods. If you see something on the ingredients list that sounds like something out of a science journal, most likely it is not food and more of a lab concoction.
4. If a food item has more than five or six ingredients, something in there isn’t right and probably not very good for you.
5. Eat food. Vegetables, fruit and foods that are untouched by man and will give you the best nutritional value for your dollar.
6. Try your best to make sure the meat you are eating is free-range grass fed beef. Most meat, whether it is chicken, beef or pork was most likely fed a diet of corn and protein supplements and if that is the case you can count on the fact that the animal you are eating spent the better part of its life standing in a dark holding sell in a pile of its own shit. That animal suffered and all the marbling in the world is not worth the suffering of an animal.

Sticking to these rules can be tricky in American but it is indeed very possible. However if you plan on spending the same amount of money that you did before, you are just lying to yourself. In order to eat a healthy you must accept the fact that your food budget will increase. You just have to ask yourself is it worth it. It is to me.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello PCP

Surprisingly I found that going to my gym to do the same excercises has been beneficial to the workout. I need to be able to seperate this project from my home life and doing such excercise in my living room while my daughter is three feet away watching the rhinestone clad Jonas Brothers doesnt exactly pump me up. So I go to my gym now in the early morning and it gives me a sense that Im going to go work out and when I get will be time to do home things.

I took a week off of work so that I could focus on my studies and being so dormant at home has made it hard not to want to pig out. All in all its been going ok but I have made it a goal to focus more time on creating meals different than what I have been eating previously. I need to use my natural talents and I haven't been. Time for things to change...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Gym.....

So oddly enough my jump rope and resistance band broke on me within 24 hours of eachother. I think the jumprope broke because of smacking the concrete alot but the resistance band broke because fate wanted me to look like an idiot. While doing the curls the band broke mid storke and I smacked myself in the im not kidding. I punched my self in the nose and it bled for at least thirty minutes. Needlless to say I had to find a quick fix because I didnt want to fall behind on sculpting myself so I decided to head to the gym at my apartment complex for a few days until I can get some replacement equipment.
I never liked the gym for a variety of reasons. First I dont like talking to people why i work out. Im a social person but its hard for me to focus on working out and talking to some guy about his biceps at the same time. Of course when I get there at 5:00am the gym already has a farley large man working out on the bench. Now let me just say this. The human body is a beautiful wonder that should be appreciated for the complex orchestra of systems that all work together to form who we are as individuals. However, sometimes you should wear proper clothing that hides certain areas that may not be so wonderous. I have no idea what that guy was hiding in his gut and just below but it looked like two armadillos were fighting over an apple insides his shorts. Dont' get me wrong I wasn't staring at his junk but when you walk in and his business is standing up and whistling dixie, its hard not to notice. I just turned my head and worked out on the treadmill for thirty minutes and tried not to notice.
I think I am at a point to where the food that I cant eat on the PCP diet is of no longer a need to me. I enjoy eating pure simple foods that are untouched by preservatives and all the other junk that one normally injests. Tomorrow is my B-Day so will see what I can eat instead of cake. Any ideas????

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whole Foods

I was always thought it would be nice to start using a place like Whole Foods as my regular grocer as oppose to someone like Kings Soopers or Safeway. I am a huge supporter of buying local and using only what is sustainable to my surrounding neighborhood but when you are living in the dead of winter, you’re local farmers market is most likely not in circulation. So during the off season, as far as produce is concerned, Whole Foods would seem like a lateral step. So last night my daughter and I walked over to Whole Foods since one is now in my backyard. I have been to a few in the past but this would be my first time actually shopping. First impressions…….awesome!!! However you can’t be fooled by what is thrown in your face as soon as you walk in. You have to practice some detective work and really get down to the nitty-gritty of what goes on inside the store. The first thing I noticed was the cost was much higher than at other grocery chains. I would say almost double. This is ok with me because I know that in this country, you have to pay a little more to get good products. Americans have slowly had to put less and less into their food budget because over time, products have become surprisingly cheaper. Why? Well the quality is much, much worse. From produce to meat, American manufacturers have found ways to cheapen the cost of food by limiting the amount of nutrients and filling in the blanks with cheap un-edible corn. So by going to a place that offers products of a higher caliber, spending the extra dollar is of no question. I will say once I took a look around I became more and more disappointed with what I saw. Don’t get me wrong the food,well at least the produce and the seafood, looked really nice but the whole local thing seemed to be more of a way to drag people into the door instead of actually coming through with the idea. So for now I think ill stick to my regular store and than wait for the Farmer's Market to reopen.

The workout is going great but I have been finding it alot harder to wake up in the mornings. The world is a quiet place at that time of the morning so music is essential for waking my brain up at that hour. Here is my current playlist....

Dweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
Dark & Long [Dark Train Mix] - Underworld
Elecktrobank- The Chemical Brothers
Start the Dance - The Prodigy
Triumph- Wu-tang
1901- Phoenix
Double Down Under- The Crystal Method
Family Business- The Fugees
Shelter From The Storm

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 17

So I haven’t updated in a few days because I am in the middle of moving. Yet I have discovered a small window of time between moving and work to say hello to you all and update you on my progress on the PCP. One thing I will say is I feel great. I haven’t really noticed a difference visually but since we’re only at the end of the second week I am not too worried. I think I am over the hump where tasty sweets became a dirty vice that teased me to the point of insanity. It’s funny because I never have been much of a “sweets guy” but when you are put on a peddle stool in front of the public and told that by no means are you to eat anything with sugar ( at least for ninety days), all of a sudden sugar becomes a forbidden euphoric drug. I had dreams of snorting sugar on a toiled seat in some dirty hotel room. OK I didn’t but that would be amusing, wouldn’t it?
Even though things have been busy, I still wake up and do the exercises that are mapped out in my diet and for the most part I have stuck to the diet 100%. I am looking forward to getting settled and beginning a new year, at my new place. Everything is getting much easier but I am sure the time is coming where alot more is demanded from us. Take Care and Cheers!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 13

I am a fan of juices. I never was much of a breakfast eater (do to time constraints) so plawing down a banana and a gatorade was my means of getting some kind of nutrition to start my day. Ever since I have been reading labels and such I realized that 90% of the juice I drink is nothing but sugar water. Even my most favorite, Fearce Grape Gatorade, is actually terrible for you. I did find one drink that has zero calories and is naturally sweetened but it tastes like the backwash of better tasting juices. So these past two weeks I have stuck to water (natures fruit juice) and I can say it has been really really hard. Other than that I love the food I have been eating so far and love the feeling of eating something that is un-processes and mainly untouched by man. Quite delicious.